Tuesday, 27 September 2016

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Haiku at Swaney Cove

At the beginning of the summer I made an Artist's Date with a place called Swaney Cove. I had hoped to swim there, but my new wetsuit broke (?!) so I was left pondering what to do after walking so far.  I mooched about a bit, tested the water with my feet ... Freezing. I picked up some odd things that had been left by the sea on the white stones: a shell, a crab shell, and an egg-shaped pebble.  Later on I found an empty egg shell on top of the cliff. These oddments seemed to mean something.

The beautiful Swaney Cove.

So I sat, I listened to the sea, and I wrote.  There are two poems that came out of my visit.  One, the haiku, I decided to make into a small art work using the oddments that I found on the beach that day and the egg shell on the cliff...

Samphire scents the cliff ...

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