Monday, 29 October 2012

Rumours and rustlings

Sitting here in the middle of hurricane Sandy, it's hard to believe that 2000 miles away in the Dominican Republic, the sun is blazing and there is a seafront hotel room waiting for Glenn and I.  We are currently riding out the storm just outside Newark Airport, staring out of the 5th floor window of our hotel shelter, and feverishly checking on news updates - a far cry from the life that awaits us in the sun. 

Apart from getting intimately acquainted with Sandy, which admittedly wasn't part of our initial plans, we were hoping for a business vacation, and to check up on the progress of the house...because, oh yes, we are planning to move out to the Dominican Republic, sometime in the new year! 

What's really exciting (apart from the fact that we will be moving to the Caribbean) is that I will be getting my own studio.  My life has taken on a new sheen, I'm feeling a bit like a butterfly, wings closed and waiting, ready to take my first flight!