Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A surprising find near Playa Caleton!

A search on Google Earth revealed a small bay near Playa Caleton.  After a few wrong turnings (one involving a friendly man with a gun) we found the natural bay, a perfect spot for snorkeling.  The surprise?  The coast here is one massive fossil of a coral reef...

Crystal clear waters near Playa Caleton.

Here there are huge fossils of the coral reef that existed here millions of years ago.

Tiny winkles have found a home in one of the fossils.

A geologists dream!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Isis in Villa Magante

Since I've been in the Dominican Republic I've been focusing my work on larger pieces. Isis is the first finished piece, standing at 40cm tall! She was found on Hastings beach on 21st May 2012, on a slightly cold, but hopeful spring day.

Hastings beach, down by Rock-a-Nore.  The tide is out and I'm ready for the driftwood!

Isis in the raw. 

I wanted to leave the impression of her hair, with just the hint of a pattern in the wood, leaving the rest to the observer's imagination.  Below is Isis in the Caribbean sun, miles away from where she was found, and bringing together three different cultures, from three continents!

So what do I know about Isis, well she's the Egyptian Goddess of magic, wife and sister of Osiris, and is also the namesake of the River Thames as it flows through Oxford. A lot of the iconography associated with the story of Isis and Osiris can be found in early Christian religions, where the figure of Isis suckling her son Horus, was transformed into the figure of Mary holding the baby Jesus. There are other striking similarities between the story of Jesus and that of Osiris and Isis as they both contain elements of death and rebirth.