Monday, 8 April 2013

Three photos, one day

 Three snapshots of Dominican life taken around Saltadero and Cabrera.

Watching while the local boys jump into the pool below.

Village huts beside Saltadero.

The Cabrera coastline, wind and rain take hold.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Anacaona (and a little nudge towards picjointer)

These past few weeks have seen me creating a few different pieces. I've started using driftwood from the beaches out here, and Anacaona is my first finished piece, carved from Dominican driftwood, in the Dominican. She was found near Cabarete, on a beach overlooking the kite surfers. Anacaona, Golden Flower, was a Taino chieftan in the 15th Century. She is a celebrated mother figure in Hatian society, and her influence spanned the whole of Hispaniola.

Note: Picjointer? A natty ipad app that allows you to put together photo montages...

5 reasons why you should get Photoshop Touch!

Since loosing my camera to the ravages of the economic downturn (would you believe it, I took my camera into Jessops to be fixed on the day they went into receivership) I have been using various methods for taking photographs. Using the ipad for this is a sinch, but what about editing photos? Enter Photoshop Touch.

At £6.99 it's way cheaper than the full version, it's easy to use, and the tutorials are a brilliant starting point. It can be used as a touch up and tidy tool. Having never really got to grips with the full version, it's a neat way to get started on creating, editing and just messing about with your photos!
Below is a series of photos with different effects, using the same base photo of Anacaona, my first Dominican figure.

Starting point, taken with the ipad.

A few scratches and sepia effect added to create an old photograph.
Comic book effect.


Using the comic book effect and adding acrylic paint.