Friday, 14 December 2012

Stream shaped tree roots

On our walk up to the Milomeri waterfall in Cyprus, I was struck by the flowing shapes of the tree roots, somehow capturing the mood of the stream running past them.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Snapshots from Cyprus

Glenn wanted me to visit my Grandfathers homeland before we move across the other side of the world!  With only a few days to cram in as much as we could, each day had loads of surprises and some places bringing out deep emotion as I imagined my Grandfather being in the very same places in his youth.  The spaces where the roads ended; the mountains and the turquoise sea, these were all places in his memory too.

Kalidonia waterfall in the Troodos mountains.

The waterfalls in Cyprus - a bit too cold at this time of year for a refreshing shower, but we did brave the water for a (short) paddle.

Looking over the Troodos mountains on the way back from the Kalidonia falls.

The walk back from the Kalidonia waterfall became somewhat treacherous at times, with both Glenn and I taking risky shortcuts. But what a breathtaking view!  Low clouds setting the scene, making it suitably moody.

Walking up top Mount Olympus in the Troodos mountains, temperature dropping rapidly!
 Our next trick was to walk the Atalante trail to the top of Mount Olympus. We had started a little late, and as the sun disappeared and low clouds took over the mountains, the temperature dropped rapidly.  When the sun finally gave up we did too!

First sight of the turquoise sea near Cape Greco.
My first real glimpse of the sea, somewhere that my Grandfather used to swim, and fish.  I have a wonderful photograph of him in a small sailing dinghy when he was about 16.  He has memories of going out in fishing boats with his friends with a cheese and watermelon lunch.   It was this simple, unadulterated life that I hoped to see and feel a part of.  Further down the coast we found a secluded bay, the water was gorgeous and I was able to take a few shots with my underwater camera, which you can see on my Facebook page.

The hills behind Choirikita.
 Choirikita turned out to be one of our favourite trips out, tucked in behind the motorway on the way to Lemesos.  A neolithic village site, with the remains of stone round houses, something neither of us had come across before.  The hills behind the site were full of the sounds and smells of the countryside, so peaceful, and stunningly beautiful, it's here that I wondered why my Grandfather had left Cyprus in the first place.