Saturday, 31 August 2013

Save Our Opuss

Having found an outlet for my poetry and story writing, I'm distressed to find out that it may be disappearing.

Opuss is an ipad app, an online community of writers - bloggers, poets, and authors. It is the easiest and friendliest way of publishing work and getting feedback at the same time. But...Opuss is now up for sale on Flippa, either we find a benefactor, or all our work will be consigned to an online trash can in the web-ether!

So what will you get if you win Opuss on Flippa?

  • The domain
  • The source code for the iOS app (objective-C)
  • The source code for the API (php)
  • Design assets
  • The database (MySql) which includes
    • 44,000 user accounts
    • 209,554 Opusses (works) amounting to 23,218,009 words
    • Opusses have been liked 1,166,076 times
    • The twitter account @opussapp (6000 followers)
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to make the Opuss network grow, with thousands of dedicated fans, and budding writers out there...

Help us out - spread the word - Save Our Opuss #saveouropuss

Friday, 16 August 2013

Littlehampton Arts Festival at the Putting Green Cafe

Little did I know that my day would be filled with old acquaintances, and childhood haunts!

Early light capturing the River Arun.
The Putting Green Cafe in Littlehampton has undergone a huge overhaul by one of my school friends, Clara. She has really transformed the food and atmosphere in the cafe, its a far cry from the cafe I used to go to as a teenager! Situated just a stones throw away from the beach (in front of the putting green) and also just accross the road from my childhood home. Sitting there talking to Clara, was a breath of fresh air, and Brenda (our RE teacher) and Linney were fantastic company too.

Take some time out at the Putting Green Cafe.

Clara created quite a surreal school reunion for her entry into the Littlehampton Arts Festival (20th - 27th July), showing my work, Brenda's photographs and Diana Stanley's paintings.

Brenda Gratwicke's photographs - something spectacular.
Diana Stanley's paintings of a serene Littlehampton.
Ino languishing in her glass house.