Thursday, 4 April 2013

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5 reasons why you should get Photoshop Touch!

Since loosing my camera to the ravages of the economic downturn (would you believe it, I took my camera into Jessops to be fixed on the day they went into receivership) I have been using various methods for taking photographs. Using the ipad for this is a sinch, but what about editing photos? Enter Photoshop Touch.

At £6.99 it's way cheaper than the full version, it's easy to use, and the tutorials are a brilliant starting point. It can be used as a touch up and tidy tool. Having never really got to grips with the full version, it's a neat way to get started on creating, editing and just messing about with your photos!
Below is a series of photos with different effects, using the same base photo of Anacaona, my first Dominican figure.

Starting point, taken with the ipad.

A few scratches and sepia effect added to create an old photograph.
Comic book effect.


Using the comic book effect and adding acrylic paint.

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