Friday, 10 April 2015

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Waterfalls without falling

About four years ago I stayed in the Beacons for my Birthday, I was taken by the beauty of the place, but forgot the name of the place I stayed in, I thought I had no chance of finding it again ... until yesterday. I planned to go waterfall walking in a place near Talybont, which included a steep climb up to the top of Craig y Fan Ddu. As I drove through the countryside towards my destination, I started to recognise the area, the bridge at Aber, the winding road with a solitary frog crossing to the other side, the reservoir. Yes! I had found the area from four years ago, and knew exactly where I was going as I'd been bowled over by the beauty of the place once before! 

This was a different walk though, a five hour trek of ridges and waterfalls. Starting at the Blaen y Glynn car park I made the steep ascent to the top of Craig y Fan Ddu. 

Walking along the ridge I came across evidence of more deer, rabbits and a snake concealed in owl pellets. No red kites today, but I was again joined by crows. 

At the middle of the horse shoe ridge there was a stunning view overlooking the valley below and the dramatic Pen y Fan.



A quick lunch and then the descent, following the stream down through muddy verges, rocks and sodden moss. 


As the streams from the surrounding mountains converged the water widened and soon I was walking down the hanging valley, with gushing water and pounding waterfalls.


 The ascent to the car park was the most difficult part of the walk! 

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