Thursday, 21 February 2013

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What's new in Samana?

After a week of settling in to my almost new life in the Dominican Republic, we decided to go on boat trip in Samana Bay to see the Whales.  There is a short window of opportunity to see these majestic creatures during the first three months of the year, when the whales return to warmer waters to mate and calve.

Arriving in Samana Bay on a scorching hot February day.

Leaving Samana by boat.

 We got our first glimpse of a male and female pair (the male later turned out to be 'Bat' after the researchers had identified him) within a few minutes of leaving the coastline.  And we stayed with this pair throughout our trip.

Our first glimpse of the male and female pair was a water spout in the distance.

Bat rolling and saying 'hi'!

Majestic to the end.

During our trip we got the chance to get close to the whales, some of the smaller boats daring to go even closer.  All eyes were scanning the sea to see where the whales would next appear.  One special moment was when the female breached, and we got to see her launch up in the air just metres away from the prow of the boat.  Plenty of people were lucky enough to get a photo - poor me, my camera jammed and all I got was a picture of the inside of the boat!

One last shot!

Leaving Samana Bay
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