Thursday, 24 January 2013

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Scrap Stores - a brilliant idea?

Whilst being in the middle of a ceative hub at the moment my friends have introduced me to a brilliant,  craft materials resource scrapstoresUK.   ScrapstoresUK is a charity set up to support the recycling and reuse of scrap materials donated by businesses around the country.  With a joining fee of just £5 you can go along to your local store and fill a box full of stuff (for a minimal fee) any time you want.

So yesterday, with fiver in hand, off we trotted to the local Minehead scrapstore. And what a revelation! Our expectations weren't high before we went, but after the first few minutes of tentatively searching the shelves, there were repeated exclamations of, 'look at this!',  'check this out!', 'wow, you could use this for [insert multiple uses]!'.   And for an extra £1.50 on top of the joining fee, we came away with a bag full of wonderful bits and pieces.
So go on, check out the website and get crafting!

Brilliant, a weaving loom for free, and other goodies!

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