Monday, 19 November 2012

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Gibraltar rocks!

Finding yourself in the middle of England at the end of Spain is a little disconcerting, but that's Gibraltar for you.  The weather was a welcome change from the grotty English weather we'd been having; the food lacking that Spanish feel we were expecting!
Above Catalan beach.
We had a few action packed days, walking the length and breadth of the peninsula, meeting the famous Barbary apes, and visiting the various tourist hotspots and not-so-hotspots in the form of a massive walk  down the Mediterranean steps! We spent our last day on Catalan beach, where we spent a good half an hour beachcombing, before braving the extremely (in my opinion) cold  late October sea.
Catalan beach, looking towards the Caleta Hotel.
Our most memorable trip was over to Morocco, where we had a guided tour of Tangier, traveling through all the different quarters,  and stopping for a traditional lunch and stroll around the colourful Medina.

Berber market day.
Weaving a different history in the magic carper bazaar.
Beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables for sale at the market.

The market is bustling with people.

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