Monday, 23 April 2012

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Mudlarking on the Thames shoreline

My Saturday morning was a carefully planned affair, up at 7am and out by 8 to catch the low tide on the Thames shoreline at Tower Bridge.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but within 30s of reaching the shore I had found my first bit of clay pipe.  My main purpose of going was to find driftwood, anything else would be a bonus.

Walking to Tower Bridge.
First steps onto the shoreline.

taken from under the bridge looking onto HMS Belfast.

I found loads of bits of pipe, and also midden bones (bones from animals that have taken on the hue of one of the most commonest items thrown into the Thames - poo ;)  a couple of teeth, loads of pieces of tiles, and a few pieces of wood, which smell awful.  In fact the driftwood smells so bad, I'm not sure I can use it.

Close-up of the 'beach', here you can see tiles, glass, shells, bits of pipe...and stones.

Mud, Mud and mud.

I spent a few hours on the shoreline, and left with my bag bursting with pipes and bones, in search for a bacon sandwich and a coffee.

The sky looking mean and moody over the Gherkin.

And at the other end of the sky.

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